articles | 19 June 2019

Cyprus households to be connected with super speeds by 2025

Cyprus households are to enjoy the benefits of super-speed internet exceeding 100Mbps by 2025, joining in the digital revolution taking place in the rest of the world.

A prerequisite for this is the development of high and super speed networks, so Cypriot consumers will be able to have access to connections of at least 100Mbps, with the Cyprus government ready to step in to subsidise high-speed connections.

"Our goal is for all Cypriot households to have access to broadband networks with speeds above 100Mbps by 2025, keeping in line with the EU's Digital Single Market Strategy and the European ‘Gigabit Society’ initiative, as well as Cyprus’ Broadband strategic plan," said the Director of the Department of Electronic Communications at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, George Komodromos.

Komodromos in an interview with the press, said that the state is stepping in to promote island-wide coverage of super-speed internet connections as there are areas where private investment will not be viable.

“Currently only 55% of households in Cyprus are covered by high-speed networks,” said Komodromos.

He added that one of the challenges faced is the limited number of Cypriot households with high-speed connections.

Only 2% of subscribers have a connection of speeds of 100Mbps and above, noting that high costs are putting Cypriots off from applying for such a connection.

The government is currently subsidizing, on a trial basis, 30% of monthly bills for high-speed packages provided by the country’s internet providers.

Komodromos stressed that the government is taking action to tackle Cyprus’ lack of e-skills necessary to facilitate the digital transformation of the society and governance.

He noted that Cyprus ranks 21 in the European Union, reflecting the general poor picture of digital transformation.

The state has put forward a number of educational programs in cooperation with the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute and the Education Ministry, in order to promote digital skills amongst educators and students, said Komodromos.

"The government is also going ahead with a number of projects worth €250 million, to implement e-governance in a number of services such as health, education and justice, as well as key services such as the Land Registry and Town Planning.”

According to Komodromos, institutions such as banks are moving forward with electronic products, while JCC has already been licensed to make use of the electronic signature.

"Artificial intelligence, blockchain, the ‘internet of things’ are the big challenges of the future, and we have to prepare society for all these drastic changes," said Komodromos.

Source: Financial Mirror

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