articles | 10 March 2016

Cyprus Institute ‘leaders in securing competitive EU research funding’

According to recent data published by the EU, Cyprus and the Cyprus Institute are leaders in securing competitive EU funds for research.

The European Commission adopted in late January 2016 the official evaluation report for the EU 7th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development 2007-2013 (FP7). The report utilised many indicators for presenting the performance of EU Member States (EE28) in FP7.

Successful securing of competitive funds from EU Member States in FP7 (2007-2013) largely follows the human resources for research of the countries.

Germany and the United Kingdom are the leaders in absolute numbers of competitive funding, with their funding in the range of €7 billion each, followed by France with €5 billion. Cyprus is in the 22nd position with total funding of €93 million.

When the total FP7 funding is weighed annually and per researcher, Cyprus has by far the best performance compared to all other EU member states, the Cyprus Institute said in a statement. Cyprus has secured an average of €15.313 per researcher per year in FP7 funding, while the country with the second best performance is the Netherlands with an average of €8,194 per researcher.

The average annual FP7 funding per researcher at the Institute amounts to €45.856 meaning that by comparison, per researcher, The Cyprus Institute has secured three times higher funding than the Cyprus average and more than 12 times higher than the average of EU countries (€3.742).

In the first two years of the ‘Horizon 2020’ program, The Cyprus Institute has already secured funding of €6 million.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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