articles | 09 October 2019

Cyprus Institute’s climate and atmospheric research centre launched

The Cyprus Institute (CyI) has launched its Climate and Atmosphere Research Centre (EMME-CARE), which is to study greenhouse gases in the region.

The centre was officially launched by Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis in Nicosia at CyI’s premises in Athalassa and was attended by members of the political, academic and diplomatic communities of Cyprus and abroad.

In his address, CyI president, Professer Costas N. Papanicolas, said the establishment of the Climate and Atmosphere Research Centre was being launched at a perfect time to coincide with the recent regional Climate Change Initiative put forward by President Nicos Anastasiades.

Kadis noted the importance of the establishment of EMME-CARE. “There is no doubt that The Cyprus Institute will successfully tackle this enormous challenge in cooperation with the excellent network of leading foreign Institutions, as well as local institutions and government departments, including some from my own Ministry”, he said.

On behalf of the European Commission, Federica Roffii said: “The establishment of the Centre is a historical milestone not only for the Institute but for Cyprus and Europe. The European Commission has high expectations both for the implementation of the programme, but also for the scientific results and the impact it will have on Cyprus and in Europe, in promoting science and innovation, which in turn will provide economic opportunities and development”.

EMME-CARE will provide scientific, technological and policy solutions through the establishment of a world-class Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence, focusing on environmental challenges.

To address these, the existing Atmosphere and Climate Division of the Cyprus Institute will be upgraded, its partnerships with world-renowned Institutes will be strengthened, and its status and contributions to regional/global networks in the field will be enhanced.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, the Cyprus government and own resources, and aims to implement a combination of research, education, and innovation activities that involve laboratory studies, instrument development, continuous comprehensive atmospheric observations, field experiments and computer modelling of the regional climate and chemical composition of the atmosphere. The programme focuses on the atmospheric environment and will address climate change and air pollution impacts.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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