articles | 18 June 2014

Cyprus: Investment Opportunities in Medical Tourism

Rehabilitation centres and holiday resorts incorporating medical facilities for the medical tourism market are emerging as key investment opportunities in Cyprus.

Developers in Cyprus are combining health services and medical aspects to resorts and real estate complexes, proving there are good investment prospects for large scale projects combining these two elements. There are currently major projects worth around €8 billion underway, which are set to upgrade Cyprus' offering and boost the country's image as a destination for foreign investment. The real advantage for investors with ideas and expertise in this market is that Cyprus is in the process of refining its medical tourism product and the current lack of liquidity makes this an opportune time to invest.

Explore four developments currently looking for investment:

Athena Medical Centre »

Gardea Private Medical Resort »

Smart EcoCity Neapolis »

MedLife Village »

For more information about investment projects, contact Invest Cyprus.

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