articles | 14 January 2021

Cyprus to launch biggest-ever digital campaign abroad to promote tourism

Cyprus’ Deputy Ministry for Tourism will launch the biggest digital campaign to day in a bid to promote tourism which in 2020 took a heavy hit from the coronavirus pandemic, Deputy Minister Savvas Perdios has said.

Perdios was speaking to the press following a Council of Ministers meeting which approved the Deputy Ministry’s action plan for 2021.

As Perdios said, the Deputy Ministry’s plan is premised on three pillars. Marketing and promotion, improving infrastructure and strengthening special forms of tourism as well as improving of the competitiveness or rural, mountainous and remotes areas of Cyprus.

“In 2021 the biggest digital campaign ever made abroad will take place, something very important as we all wish to restore tourism in our country,” he said.

Cyprus tourism took the heaviest blow from the coronavirus pandemic with tourist arrivals dropping by 84% year on year in the period of January – November 2020.

Perdios said the Ministry is in the process of creating the material aiming to change Cyprus’ tourism image abroad, including pictures, videos and other productions, adding in the context of the campaign Cyprus will project its new tourism brand.

He also highlighted that given the pandemic a campaign for domestic tourism is also very important for local residents to get to know the island’s beauties.

On the second pillar, Perdios said the Deputy Ministry will implement in 2021 various upgrading schemes for inter alia, cycling, diving, culture sites and beaches, wine roads, religious tourism sites and will also implement other incentives for special forms of tourism such as cruises, conferences and trips to acquaint people with the country’s tourist product.

The Ministry, he added, will also promote ten quality signs such as special routs, Cyprus breakfast, nature trails and taste Cyprus.

Moreover, Perdios said a digital platform will be constructed for monitoring tourist reputation both for Cyprus as destination as well as service providers. “If a visitor abroad makes comments on Cyprus or a service he received in Cyprus we will be able to monitor such comments on a daily basis so that we could work along with the service providers to improve our product,” he said.

As far as the third pillar is concerned, Perdios said that, based on a decision taken by the Council of Ministers, specific projects will be implemented in 2021 that will improve the provision of authentic experiences on the island.

He added that the authentic route totaling 300 kilometres which connects all communities.

Furthermore, Perdios said that by the end of 2021 the international street food festival and Christmas markets will be organised if conditions permit it.


Source: In-Cyprus
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