articles | 15 April 2021

Cyprus monthly earnings edge up to €2,267

The average annual, monthly earnings of employees during the fourth quarter of 2020 marginally increased by 0.4% in 2019, while the gender pay gap was 15.7%, according to the Cyprus Statistical Service.

Gross monthly earnings during Q4 2020 reached €2,267 compared to €2,258 in Q4 2019.

Seasonally adjusted earnings are estimated at €2,017, declining 0.2% in Q3 2020.

The amount taken into account is the earnings paid by employers and does not include any allowances given by the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance.

The average gross monthly earnings of men during Q4 2020 are was €2,416, while female workers received a lower €2,087. A gap of nearly 16%.

Compared to Q4 2019, men’s monthly earnings recorded an 0.7% increase while women saw a decrease of 0.1%.

Source: Financial Mirror

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