articles | 25 July 2013

Cyprus researchers harness €63.9m in EU funding

Cyprus’ ability to earn funding by competing with others across the European Union speaks highly of the level of research the country is capable of, says director general of Cyprus’ Research Promotion Foundation.

Cyprus researchers have collectively harnessed some €63.9 million in EU Research and Innovation funding in the 2007-2013 programming period, according to the Cyprus’ Research Promotion Foundation (RPF).

"Over the last five years a total of 289 contracts have been signed to carry out research projects, selected via a thoroughly competitive process,” RPF’s director general Vassilios Tsakalos said in a news release, adding that Cyprus’ ability to earn funding by competing with others across the European Union speaks highly of the level of research Cyprus is capable of.

Successful Cyprus bids have included research in developing hardware and software 3D content, genetic research, the developmental grammar of Cypriot Greek in young individuals with Down syndrome and assessing the economic impact of climate change in Cyprus.

The EU had organised its framework programme for around four categories aimed at increasing competition, encourage researchers’ career programmes, driving research to benefit businesses as well as research in nuclear fission and radiation protection and fusion energy.

For 2014-2020, Cyprus may apply for funding in the context of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 project, subject to confirmation by European Parliament. The proposed €80 billion budget is focused on growth and job creation, including helping enterprises market products with commercial potential. The Cabinet-appointed RPF is the umbrella organisation handling EU research and innovation funding in Cyprus. Visit for more information or for more information on related EU-funded projects in the bloc.

The European Commission’s real 2007-2013 expenditure for research and innovation came to €55.5 billion. Cyprus is hoping to access more EU funds in general from the 2014-2020 budgets in order to help its struggling economy. The country, which used to be a net contributor of funds, is expected to become a net recipient and has said it will channel funds into job creation schemes. The government has also said it will streamline the process to make more efficient use of funding. In the beginning of the year, Cyprus had absorbed on average some 39.7% of the total funding available to it for cohesion programmes, compared with the EU average of 42.4%, the European Commission said. Member states have by the end of 2015 to absorb funds allocated in the 2007-2013 period.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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