articles | 15 March 2016

Cyprus secures EU funding for citrus sector

Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyialis is set to lock in additional EU support for the local citrus trees sector and agriculture in general in Brussels, as a countermeasure to the EU embargo imposed on Russia and the problem of drought.

“I want to stress that so far we have succeeded in obtaining support for the citrus sector, for two successive years, 2014 and 2015. Now we have succeeded in locking an extension and as a result Cyprus is now in a position to absorb €3 million in financial support on the citrus sector”, the minister announced.

“We have analysed the situation of the agricultural sector in Cyprus, we have pinpointed the problem of drought, that significantly affects our market and the agricultural sector and we have asked for additional financial support”, he said, expressing hope that “amongst the measures to be presented by the European Commission there will be some supportive measures for Cyprus as well”.

The minister revealed that the 28 EU member states had a “very productive discussion on the situation of the agricultural sector in Europe and on the situation of the European markets”.

“We have examined all the problems arising from the Russian embargo and the lift of the quotas on cow milk production and we agreed on the necessity to take new support measures for our producers,” he said.

Now, he added, “we expect the Commission to present a new package of measures that will tackle all the problems.”

Source: Cyprus Mail

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