news | 20 May 2013

Cyprus situation

The following briefing is for clients with accounts with Barclays Bank plc (Cyprus branch).

Our staff are available to deal with any queries that you have.  Please contact us on  + 357 22 764 774 . We continue to work very closely with the relevant authorities to provide you with further clarity and your interests are our top priority.

What is the latest situation?

Barclays Bank plc (Cyprus branch) has now been recognised as a Foreign Bank under the Enforcement of Temporary Restrictive Measures on Foreign Banks in case of Emergency Second Decree of 2013 (the Foreign Banks Decree).   

In order to comply with the conditions for being recognised as a Foreign Bank, Barclays Bank plc (Cyprus branch) has had to classify its clients either as “Domestic Customers” or “International Customers” as defined by the Foreign Banks Decree.

How have I been classified?

Clients should contact their Relationship Manager or  + 357 22 764 774  for details of their classification and advise theirRelationship Manager as soon as possible if they believe their classification is incorrect.

Information about the restrictions and current limits is also available on the Central Bank of Cyprus’ website which is at:

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