articles | 23 December 2023

Cyprus tourism saw exponential surge in 2022, statistical service reports

The year 2022 marked a groundbreaking 85.8 per cent increase in tourist arrivals to Cyprus, reaching a staggering 4,833,939 compared to figures from 2021, according to a report released this week by the state’s statistical service.

At the same time, the report, using finalised figures for the 2020-22 period, noted that departures surged to 4,815,779 during 2022, indicating an 86.4 per cent rise. Meanwhile, in 2020, arrivals peaked at 1,164,938, while departures were recorded at 1,167,942. Air travel dominated the means of travel, representing 95.5 per cent of arrivals and 95.4 per cent of departures in 2022. Additionally, explorer arrivals surged by 65.3 per cent, reaching 3,201,080 in 2022 from 1,936,931 in 2021. In 2020, explorer arrivals were at 631,609.

The Statistical Service highlighted the United Kingdom as the primary tourism source for Cyprus in 2022, comprising 37.9 per cent of total tourism. The UK was followed by Israel (8.7 per cent), Germany (6.2 per cent), Poland (5.8 per cent), Greece (5.3 per cent), Sweden (3.7 per cent), Austria (2.2 per cent), and Denmark (2.1 per cent). Of the total explorers in 2022, 35.7 per cent reported staying in Paphos, 16.2 per cent in Ayia Napa, 12.1 per cent in Larnaca, 12.0 per cent in Limassol, 11.2 per cent in Paralimni, with lower percentages in other regions. The primary travel purpose for 80.8 per cent of tourists was vacations, 13.0 per cent visited friends or relatives, and 6.1 per cent had professional reasons.

Tourism revenue in 2022 skyrocketed to €2,439.2 billion, marking a significant 61.2 per cent increase from 2021’s €1,513.6 billion and a substantial surge from 2020’s €392.0 billion. The per capita spending averaged at €761.92 in 2022, experiencing a 2.5 per cent decrease from 2021. August recorded the highest per capita spending at €885.98, while December witnessed the lowest at €523.42.

The outbound travels of Cyprus residents surged by 145.2 per cent to 1,259,643 in 2022 from 513,660 in 2021 and 485,806 in 2020. Greece attracted 36.0 per cent of the travellers, followed by the United Kingdom (14.5 per cent), Italy (4.8 per cent), Germany (3.5 per cent), Bulgaria (3.1 per cent), and France (2.7 per cent).

The peak travel period for Cypriot residents abroad was July to September. Of the residents returning from trips abroad in 2022, 72.3 per cent stated vacations as the primary purpose, while 17.9 per cent travelled for business, 7 per cent for studies, and 2.8 per cent for other reasons.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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