articles | 12 August 2016

Cyprus youth unemployment at 22.2% in 2015

A percentage of 22.2% of young persons in Cyprus were in 2015 neither in employment nor in education or training, according to information issued by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, on the occasion of International Youth Day.

The European Union (EU) totals almost 90 million people aged 15-29, representing 17% of its population, with education and employment patterns varying considerably between Member States and by age group.

According to Eurostat’s data, in 2015 across Member States, more than one in every four young persons aged 20-24 was neither in employment nor in education or training in Italy (31.1%) as well as in Greece (26.1%) and more than one in every five was also in this situation in Croatia (24.2%), Romania (24.1%), Bulgaria (24.0%), Spain and Cyprus (both 22.2%).

In contrast, the lowest NEET rates among young persons aged 20-24 were recorded in the Netherlands (7.2%), Luxembourg (8.8%), Denmark, Germany and Sweden (all 9.3%), Malta and Austria (both 9.8%) as well as the Czech Republic (10.8%).

At EU level, almost 5 million young persons aged 20-24 (or 17.3%) were in 2015 neither in employment nor in education or training.

Source: InCyprus

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