articles | 05 February 2016

Cyrus among top EU energy departments

Cyprus is among the most energy dependent European Union countries, with imports accounting for 93.4% of energy consumption, according to Eurostat.

The island’s rate of dependency fell slightly behind Luxembourg (96.6%). Malta, the most energy dependent EU member, had a rate of 97.7%.

The figures are for 2014.

On the other end of the spectrum, Estonia, Denmark and Romania were the least dependent nations.

Among the five EU member-states with the highest energy consumption, the least dependent on imports were the United Kingdom (45.5%) and France (46.1%).

Germany is highly reliant on imports, its dependency rate reaching 61.4%, as are Spain (72.9%) and Italy (75.9%).

Energy dependency shows the extent to which an economy relies upon imports in order to meet its energy needs.

Overall in 2014, EU countries imported 53.4% of the energy consumed.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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