articles | 04 February 2014

Decline in trade across the Green Line

Trade across the Green Line marked a significant downward trend, according to data from the T/C Chamber of Commerce.

The trade was estimated at a value of €3,937,317 in 2013 and is the lowest recorded since 2007. According to figures the total trade through the Green Line Regulation (imposed by Europe), since it entered into force in 2004, until the end of 2013 reached €70,874,828.

The Green Line Regulation establishes special rules concerning the crossing of goods, services and persons via the line between the areas under the effective control of the government of the Republic of Cyprus and those areas in which the government of the Republic of Cyprus does not exercise effective control, while stipulating that the line does not constitute an external border of the EU. The Regulation is intended to further facilitate the movement of goods and persons across the line, thus contributing to the integration of the island.

A break down of annual trade figures from 2004 to 2013 across the Green Line is as follows:
2004 - €470.821,11
2005 - €1.673.459,57
2006 - €3.228.342,97
2007 - €4.125.547,85
2008 - €7.172.115,72
2009 - €6.006.347,89
2010 - €5.909.238,15
2011 - €29.407.435,08
2012 - €8.944.202,77
2013 - €3.937.317,52

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