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Deferral of VAT payable: Cyprus Measures amid the Covid-19 outbreak

Deferral of VAT payable – Measures announced by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus following the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak.

According to the Value Added Tax (Amending) Law of 2020 (L. 24(I)/2020), businesses that are registered in the VAT Registry have the right to defer their VAT payable amounts for the tax periods ending on 29 February 2020, 31 March 2020 and 30 April 2020 until 10 November 2020.

The right of deferral does not apply to businesses with the following codes of economic activity, in accordance with their Registration Certificate at the VAT Registry: • 35111 (Producers of electricity power), • 36001 (Collection and distribution of water (for water supply)), • 47111 (Grocery and supermarkets mainly for food), • 47112 (Kiosks – mini-markets), • 47191 (Retail of a variety of goods in department shops where food, beverages and tobacco do not prevail), • 47211 (Retail trade of fruits and vegetables), • 47221 (Retail trade in meat and meat products including poultry), • 47231 (Retail of fish and seafood), • 47241 (Retail trade of bread and other bakery goods), • 47242 (Retail trade in confectionery), • 7301 (Retail trade of fuel), • 47411 (Retail trade in computers, peripheral equipment and video games), • 47611 (Retail trade in books), • 47621 (Retail trade in newspapers and stationery), • 47651 (Retail trade of toys of any kind except video games), • 47731 (Pharmacies), • 61101 (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA)), • 61201 (Internet services), • 61301 (Satellite telecommunications services), • 61901 (Telecommunications services other than those provided by CYTA)

It is noted that all businesses that are subject to tax are still under the obligation to submit their tax return on time, irrespective of the code of economic activity in which they are subject to.

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