articles | 18 March 2021

EAC vision ‘a green energy future’

The Electricity Authority (EAC) is ready to move into a new energy era with the use of natural gas and renewable energy sources (RES), chairman of the board Michalis Komodromos told the Cyprus News Agency on Thursday.

“Our goal is to contribute to the energy empowerment of Cyprus through the development of natural gas supply infrastructure. A project of special importance for the country,” he said.

Komodromos said that in the context of the implementation of its strategic planning, EAC participates in the share capital of the Natural Gas Infrastructure Company (ETYFA) with a percentage of 30 per cent having paid an amount of €43 million.

He added that for natural gas use, the necessary modifications to the EAC Production Units are already in progress so that they can also operate with natural gas. “When natural gas comes to Cyprus, the EAC will be ready,” he said.

He assured that EAC Power Generation System ensures adequacy even in peak periods where electricity demand is high, such as in summer, rebuffing reports saying the EAC made an agreement for the lease of temporary production units for summer 2021 or summer 2022.

“The EAC production system can adequately meet the increased summer demand,” he stressed.

“The goal of EAC Production is the installation of new Units which will lead to a reduction in production costs and preserve its competitiveness in the new open market environment,” he said.

He also noted that the implementation of the projects is proceeding after the required licensing by state bodies responsible for ensuring the adequacy of electricity production.

He said that the effort is to reduce dependence on oil and increase the use of RES.

“Our vision is a green energy future,” he said.

Since 2014, the EAC has put into operation the first Photovoltaic Park of Cyprus in Tseri, with a capacity of 3MW. A further project is planned, the Photovoltaic Park in Akrotiri Limassol, with a total capacity of 12MW. With its operation, Komodromos added, “we achieve the equivalent removal of 17,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment, something extremely important for the quality of life of all of us”.

He noted that the addition of RES projects like this, to the EAC production mix, has multiple benefits for the country, both in reducing dependence on imported fuels, and in stabilising electricity prices at low levels.

Other projects underway include the installation of solar panels at all schools in Cyprus and EAC buildings, as well as the cooperation with the Church of Cyprus for the development of large photovoltaic parks in the area of Achera.

Meanwhile 12 more e-charge service stations for electric cars will start operating during 2021, adding to the 24 stations around the island and 48 charging points.

Smart electricity meters will be provided to 400,000 consumers by 2025, replacing conventional ones, he said.

“Smart Meters are a small revolution. Through their functionality, they offer multiple benefits to consumers, for example detailed information on how they consume electricity. Consumers are provided with a modern energy-saving tool that provides them with significant economic benefits,” he said.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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