articles | 11 October 2021

‘Effective planning’ ensured Cyprus’ low death rates

The state health services organisation (Okypy) said on Monday its “effective planning” had proved decisive in the country’s low coronavirus mortality rate.

In a written statement, the organisation said it managed to provide more than 300 beds in Covid-19 wards and created new ICUs “in a limited time”.

The organisation also hired 270 additional nursing staff.

Since the pandemic outbreak, Covid cases are treated in public hospitals, while some non-Covid cases are referred to private clinics. According to Okypy, state hospitals have treated more than 6,000 coronavirus patients, of whom 600 required intensive care.

Okypy said that Cyprus’ mortality rate remains at very low levels – around 0.5% – which ranks it among the lowest in Europe.

A total of 559 people died in Cyprus from coronavirus, with the deadliest month being August when 93 fatalities were reported.

“The good and effective planning of Okypy, the correct staffing of the hospitals, the faithful implementation of the protocols,” contributed to the low mortality rate, the organisation said.

The organisation also highlighted the “zeal and dedication” of the medical, nursing and other staff, who “contribute daily to the successful management of the pandemic”.

“Almost two years after the outbreak of the pandemic in the community, the accumulated knowledge, the development of research and treatment protocols for the pandemic, as well as vaccinations, form useful tools in the hands of Okypy,” the organisation said.

An action plan is in place for the gradual development of more than 300 beds in Covid wards and 65 ICU beds, in case of another wave.

The plan includes the continuous training of medical and nursing staff, as well as the cooperation with the private sector in the recruitment of specialist doctors and the referral of patients.

Source: Cyprus Mail


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