articles | 09 May 2016

Electronic signature coming to Cyprus

European digital or electronic signature is coming to Cyprus, as experts from Estonia are helping the government make decisions in setting up a digital platform that would enable different transactions between agencies, companies and individuals in fast and secure networks.

In the past, plans to set up electronic or e-signature had failed due to constitutionality challenges, as well as cost estimates and implantation issues.

But after the idea was shelved a few times, this time the government is choosing to open a public tender to find already-established companies of international stature that can provide security certificates and high quality service.

With the tender process expected to open by October, the government hopes to have in place a system to ensure high standard in security and privacy for digital signatures.

Already EU member states have in place digital signatures and are pushing for more integration between their respective systems.

While there are services offered in Cyprus already that are classified as electronic, such as e-banking and other e-services, an electronic signature would allow an individual to create a digital profile or online identity that can be used across services and eventually across platforms throughout Europe.

Source: InCyprus

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