articles | 06 February 2024 | Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Elias Neocleous & Co LLC joins the SECUR-EU Project Consortium

Our firm’s Tech Law department is now a proud member of the SECUR-EU Project Consortium, a significant initiative aimed at enhancing cybersecurity in SMEs and Critical Infrastructure across the European Union.

SECUR-EU project overview

The SECUR-EU project is dedicated to fostering a unified culture of cybersecurity posture and awareness, particularly among SMEs and Critical Infrastructure. The project is ambitiously geared towards enhancing Open-Source (OS) and previously EU-funded security solutions to achieve enterprise-grade security standards, offering SMEs open-source security solutions, and innovating white-hat testing techniques through the HackOlympics initiative.

In response to the escalating threats on critical infrastructure and SMEs, SECUR-EU will confront these challenges head-on. SMEs, often struggling to secure their environments, will benefit from the project’s commitment to delivering OS enterprise-grade security solutions. The project’s scope includes developing both attack and defence solutions — ranging from security scanning and penetration testing tools to next-generation SIEMs/IPS/IDS systems.

A key feature of the SECUR-EU initiative is the design and development of a comprehensive threat intelligence framework. This framework includes attack detection and classification with adversary simulation sessions, advanced penetration testing tools equipped with AI algorithms for identifying vulnerabilities, next-generation interconnected IDS systems utilizing AI predictive models, a decentralized information sharing system, and AI-enhanced technology for predicting, detecting, and analyzing threats. Additionally, a user-centric dashboard will be developed for stakeholder interaction, ensuring comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity measures.

The role of ENC as a project member

As a participating member of the consortium, our Tech Law department will focus on several crucial deliverables including monitoring and ensuring compliance with Data Pricvacy, Cybersecurity and AI laws to maintain the highest standards of cybersecurity practices. The department will also bridge multidisciplinary experts, addressing a spectrum of technology, ethics, security, and legal concerns, while ensuring adherence to fundamental ethical principles and the evolving EU regulatory framework. A key focus will be on guaranteeing that SECUR-EU’s targeted technologies are in alignment with EU-wide legal, ethical, and privacy standards, with a particular emphasis on the GDPR. This involves vigilant monitoring of the legal, ethical, and security dimensions of the project and proactively reporting any potential concerns. Additionally, our department will play a pivotal role in contributing to the dissemination of project findings, engaging in high-impact communication activities, participating in outreach events, and shaping policy recommendations, further emphasizing its integral role in the project’s success.

This partnership signifies our commitment to advancing cybersecurity and underscores the importance of legal and ethical considerations in the realm of digital security. Through our involvement in SECUR-EU, our firm aims to make a substantial contribution to the protection and resilience of SMEs and critical infrastructures within the EU. We look forward to collaborating with our partners in this groundbreaking project.

Cooperation Partners
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