articles | 23 October 2019

Epic offers wider coverage and faster speeds

Fulfilling its promise for a great network and great value, epic marks a rapid percentage increase in the company’s coverage and speeds, compared to 2018.

As the company’s investment plan to develop and upgrade its network, which exceeds €40 million, is being swiftly implemented, the results are already visible. Within one year:

  1. 4G coverage has increased by 4.50% reaching 97.55% of the population, while the overall mobile internet coverage has reached an impressive 99.97% in terms of population coverage and 99% in terms of geographical coverage.
  2. The increase in mobile internet speeds is also impressive, as the average download speed was increased by 53.5% and is expected to increase further by the end of the year.
  3. Moreover, more rural areas were added to the epic 4G network enabling residents of even the most remote villages to enjoy the possibilities offered by the digital age.
  4. At the same time, the investment has also upgraded the company’s voice services with a 99.8% success rate of uninterrupted calls and 99.77% of successful call placement. Epic is also offering now high definition calls among its subscribers, thanks to the HD Voice technology.
  5. During the same period, 200km of fiber optic cabling was installed nationwide, reaching 1,300km in total, upgrading the company’s services, especially to businesses.
  6. Epic was the first in Cyprus to present a mobile plan with unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS and 100GB of data at a low monthly fee.
Now the company’s subscribers enjoy an epic communication experience, doing what they love the most, better, faster and in more locations.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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