articles | 20 June 2016

European funding for three Cyprus projects

Three Cyprus projects will benefit from a wider European Commission cash injection to improve transport infrastructureand boost jobs and growth.

Of the €6.7 billion cash injection, Cyprus expects to benefit from close to €0.8 million for the three projects.

According to an official announcement recently, three proposals were selected for recommended Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funding out of four eligible proposals which had been seeking a total of €1.1 million.

The first is entitled ELEMED – ELectrification of the Eastern MEDiterranean area. According to the Commission’s announcement: “This twinned Action (with 2015-EU-TM-0236-S) will introduce onshore power supply as propulsion alternative for ships in the Eastern Mediterranean. It includes 4 ports in 3 EU countries: Cyprus (Limassol port), Greece (Port of Killini, Port of Piraeus) and Slovenia (Port of Koper).

The Action consists of background and preparatory studies with a pilot implementing cold ironing at the Port of Killini. It falls on the Orient/East-Med Corridor and is part of a Global Project on implementing environmental friendly maritime transportation on Adriatic-Ionian Sea and on the Orient/East-Med Corridor. It will promote ship electrification therefore improving the environmental performance of shipping”.

The second is entitled Synchronised PBN Implementation Cohesion Europe (SPICE) and, according to the Commission: “Performance Based Navigation (PBN) exploits the advanced Area Navigation (RNAV) capabilities of modern aircraft to enable efficient airspace design and the systemisation of air traffic routes. The proposed Action ‘SPICE’ concerns the deployment of PBN procedures in four Cohesion Fund Member States, the equipage of aircraft from airlines with PBN capabilities and the deployment of navigation infrastructure. The benefit of a consolidated and harmonised approach is not only to increase the overall impact of the project – such as increased efficiency, reduced costs and reduced environmental impact – but also to capitalize on mutual experience and enforce best practices. In the longrun, the Action supports the optimisation of available airspace”.

The third project is entitled ‘Preventing incident and accident by safer ships on the oceans’ (PICASSO). According to the Commission: “The global framework where PICASSO is placed aims at achieving a modern and developed maritime sector, with a capable and up-to-date work force that enables the sector to become greener, safer and more efficient and sustainable.

PICASSO, is a study with pilots actions which aims at tackling the challenges and opportunities related to maritime safety and security of on board and on shore operations. PICASSO is organized in 4 core activities: 1) On board safe, efficient and secure operations; 2) On shore safety and security; 3) Event Management; and 4) Training and human factors. PICASSO will provide solutions for improving safety and security conditions in shipping”.

According to the European Commission announcement: “Today the European Commission is firmly delivering on President Juncker’s top priority of creating jobs and boosting growth in the European Union, by unveiling a list of 195 transport projects that will receive €6.7 billion of funding under the CEF.

This investment is expected to unlock additional public and private co-financing for a combined amount of €9.6 billion.

The selected projects will notably contribute to the digitalisation and decarbonisation of transport, in line with the broader political agenda of this Commission. The Member States eligible for the Cohesion Fund received almost 85% of the funding, which will help bridging the infrastructure disparities across the EU”.

Source: InCyprus

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