articles | 11 March 2021 | EY Cyprus

EY announces alliance with CrowdStrike to transform cyber risk management capabilities

EY announces an alliance between CrowdStrike – a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and workload protection – and Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) – a leader in risk consulting – to seamlessly integrate cybersecurity operations and risk management within the enterprise.

  • Alliance helps enterprises better identify, prevent and respond to cyber threats 
  • Provides risk insights to help enable better business decision making from the security operations center to the boardroom

In today’s complex cyber risk landscape, organizations recognize the value of establishing comprehensive and reliable cybersecurity strategies and operations. The EY-CrowdStrike Alliance combines CrowdStrike’s leading-class cybersecurity technologies with leading transformational consulting capabilities and cyber services provided by EY teams. Specifically focused on addressing cyber risk and threat management, cyber incident response and cyber threat intelligence, the collaboration offers broad security services to help clients understand and address cyber threats unique to their businesses, and leverage alliance capabilities to effectively help manage those risks.  

The CrowdStrike Falcon platform offers cloud-based architecture that is scalable, manageable and effective across all devices and workloads, playing a critical role in protecting today’s distributed remote workforce. The Falcon platform’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine collects, distills and monitors threat data, telemetry and insights from more than 3 trillion events weekly. The data can then be used to mitigate risk for clients, providing protection against today’s cyber threats. 

EY professionals can help clients achieve their cybersecurity objectives by using the Falcon platform to provide deep insights into cyber risks within IT environments. Organizations across major industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and energy, will gain access to vital intelligence, allowing them to understand the threats facing their businesses. In turn, clients are able to identify what they need to mitigate key risks from a business operations and resiliency standpoint, as well as draw intelligence-based conclusions on cyber risks, acquisitions and growth into new markets.

Overall, businesses can benefit from reduced risk of a significant cyber event and enhanced compliance with cyber risk mandates, while also enjoying increased confidence in understanding the cyber threat landscape and how to communicate risk details to key stakeholders. In addition, increased awareness helps teams to align budgets and resources so they can manage risk accordingly. 

Referring to the EY - CrowdStrike alliance, Charalambos Constantinou, Partner and Head of Consulting at EY Cyprus, stated: “As employees work more and more remotely, and cyber-attacks are on the rise, companies’ cybersecurity needs are multiplying. CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity market-leader, equipped with the innovative technology organizations need to create dependable and capable safeguards and strategies. EY professionals can combine transformational consulting experience with the CrowdStrike platform to help businesses establish proactive cybersecurity plans to both mitigate and prevent potential cyber-attacks.”

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