articles | 28 May 2020 | EY Cyprus

EY announces the launch of Physical Return and Work Reimagined framework for organizations post-COVID-19

EY announces the launch of a broad suite of workplace tools as part of a framework for organizations and HR teams planning a phased and safe return to physical workplaces for employees. The Physical Return and Work Reimagined framework is designed to strengthen workforce resilience and help see a safe return to physical work environments as countries around the world begin to ease COVID-19 mobility restrictions and seek to resume higher rates of economic activity.
  • Two-gear framework integrates “Day 1” transition services with long-term transformation guidance 
  • Includes broad suite of EY workplace and transformation tools
  • Approach brings together a technology-enabled, risk-based methodology 

The broad framework is staggered in two gears and includes a suite of technology assessment and analytics tools designed to help manage risk and compliance and enhance the employee experience.

Gear One provides immediate, actionable steps to help ensure the safety of employees while achieving operational capacity. It is rooted in a broad approach to readiness testing and includes an operational command centre for the phased return of the workforce.

Considerations include:

•    Workforce economics, including options to improve payroll costs, as well as workforce planning diagnostics to profile and model who can and should work on-site or remotely

•    Workforce resilience, encompassing health monitoring, social distancing, site safety and capacity planning to provide healthy, welcoming and secure working environments

•    Operational continuity, including technology to help manage remote workforce capability, capacity and scenario management

•    Workforce experience, including enhanced employee communications, training and engagement

In addition to providing the tactical steps and “day 1” resources needed to facilitate the recovery and resumption of business operations, Gear Two provides the long-term framework and technology-enabled data and insights to help organizations identify operational vulnerabilities, drive future workforce-related transformations and prepare themselves for a “next normal.”

Commenting on the new tools developed by EY, Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou, Head of People Advisory Services of EY Cyprus, said: “As organizations gradually embark on the process of safely returning their workforce to physical spaces, they need to also focus on adapting to change and uncertainty and reimagining and transforming the way they operate. Companies will need to deploy technology to put people at the center. In doing so they will build and maintain trust with their employees, their customers and their stakeholders and strengthen their resilience in the challenging times ahead”.

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