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EY Cyprus launches the EY Academy of Learning & Development with Video on Demand Seminars

EY Cyprus announces the operation of the EY Academy of Learning & Development, a new learning hub aimed at developing better professionals and enhancing the capacity of organisations, teams and individuals by improving their knowledge, skills and culture.

As part of EY’s ongoing investment in learning, the Academy concept has already been operating across many countries delivering a wide spectrum of learning initiatives, which reflect the experience and expertise of EY worldwide. The EY Academy in Cyprus will meet the needs of current and future professionals, businesspeople and entrepreneurs operating in the Cypriot market, as well as government officials.

In response to the changing environment since the COVID-19 outbreak, the EY Academy of Learning & Development is in the position to develop and deliver remote learning programmes, such as e-learning, webinars, virtual classrooms, e-coaching and blended programs. Our clients and other professionals can find available Video on Demand Seminars which can enhance their knowledge remotely during these challenging times.

Currently available Video On Demand Seminars held jointly by the Legal, Direct Tax and VAT teams include:

  • Unlocking Substance from Legal, Direct Tax, VAT Angle. This seminar provides an evaluation of the tax and legal specifications for substance, highlighting the Cyprus benefits and major consideration points for current and prospective holding, subsidiary, IP even trading company executives, investors and consultants.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Redomiciliations Unlocked from a Corporate Tax, Legal and VAT Angle. Cyprus is set to implement soon the necessary regulatory changes with both direct tax and VAT provisions relating to the implications of the mergers of entities and company redomiciliations. This seminar provides an evaluation of the tax and legal changes, outlining major consideration points for the executives and stakeholders involved in mergers, acquisitions and redomiciliations.
  • Holding Companies Unlocked from Legal, Direct Tax, VAT Angle. Cyprus as a popular host of holding companies has formulated a regulatory framework alongside Direct Tax and VAT provisions enhancing substance and its jurisdictional attractiveness. This seminar provides an evaluation of the tax and legal specifications, highlighting the benefits and major consideration points for current and prospective holding company executives and investors.
Yiannis Panayiotou, Head of EY Academy of Learning & Development, commented: “At EY, we firmly believe that the better the question, the better the answer, the better the world works. As individuals and businesses globally are navigating the rapid changes brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak, the EY Academy of Learning & Development, seeks to cover a gap in the local market by providing a learning experience that reflects EY’s expertise at a national and international level. We believe this will not only serve our clients but can also offer much more to the wider public and the economy overall, by fully utilizing the capabilities of technology for better professional development.”

Simos Simou, leading EY Tax and Legal Education Initiatives, mentioned: “In the modern world, there is a need for agile learners that reflect on skills and knowledge transmitted to spark bold new insights. Recognising this need for flexibility, we have created, among others, three interactive video on demand sessions covering the tax and legal topics most frequently considered by our clients. The participants have the opportunity to enhance and test their practical knowledge through targeted digital exercises and raise questions. All three available video on demand seminars carry out CPDs and they are accredited by local professional body associations inclusive of the Cyprus Bar Association.”

COVID-19 is an unfolding event bringing uncertainty to every business. To support our clients further and help them navigate the disruption, maintain business continuity and build enterprise resilience, we have also created a special section in our local website with updates, insights and webcasts regarding COVID-19 measures and relevant developments.

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