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Feasibility studies can assist entrepreneurs in decision-making

New ideas and projects are core elements in business expansion, growth and profit generation.

However, businesses often discuss the strategies, promotion activities and the implementation of the project idea and omit to analyze and evaluate whether the new project idea is technically feasible within an estimated manageable cost range and, most importantly, profitable. 

Therefore, when large amounts of funds are at stake, it is wise for businesses to contact a feasibility study to determine whether the new project idea is technically possible, manageable and profitable.

A feasibility study can assist entrepreneurs in decision-making since its primary purpose is to identify potential risks, suggests risk mitigation solutions and evaluate whether the idea/project is viable to proceed.

Important estimates included in a feasibility study

  • Analysis of the firm's line of business, core values, targets, vision, and market positioning
  • Firm's financial analysis
  • Thorough description and analysis of the project's idea, targets and goals
  • Market Assessment
  • Rules and regulations requirements, according to the legal framework the company operates
  • Tax requirements and responsibilities
  • Management assessment and identification of funding resources
  • Business and Marketing Plan
  • Accounting statements with 3 to 5 years projections including financial planning
  • Time Estimation of equilibrium, etc.

RSM Role and Methodology

RSM has extensive experience in audit, tax, financial and consulting services.

Consequently, we can assist you in making the right investment decisions by answering the following key questions:

Is this project idea reachable, manageable and profitable?

What amount, source and types of funding can the company use?

Which strategies will be most efficient and effective according to market trends?

How much time is it estimated for the investment to reach the break-even point and start generating profits?

Throughout our years of experience, we have evaluated ideas and projects in all areas of business development, including start-ups on all market sectors, specialized initiatives such as business expansion projects on a national and international level, new developments in product and services lines, new divisions in industrial manufacturing, energy projects, etc.

Our principle is to understand our clients' needs and business requirements so as to provide the best possible guidance and solutions based on their industry behaviour and conditions, national and international market trends, business objectives and tactics.  

Therefore, we will work with you and assist you in all the project implementation steps in order to realize your project's idea, minimize risks and achieve the best possible results. 

Hence, we will liaise with the financial institutions and supervise all funding resources so as to acquire the best possible term and conditions that the market offers and settle the repayment period according to business capabilities.

Moreover, we will set several short term evaluation intervals that will serve as a reference point for the project idea performance.  These evaluation intervals are critical since possible readjustments can be made to strategies and approaches according to market behaviour and business environment international trends.    

If you wish to learn more on how we can assist your organization in making a better investment decision, contact us directly and arrange your personal meeting.      


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