articles | 20 April 2023

Invest Cyprus joins global association promoting best practices

National investment promotion agency Invest Cyprus on Thursday announced that it has officially joined the World Association of PPP Units & Professionals (WAPPP).

WAPPP is a non-profit global association based in Geneva, and it brings together public and private stakeholders involved in Public-Private Partnership (PPP), including institutional and individual members from various sectors such as corporate and financial investors, public PPP units, and consultants. WAPPP considers PPP not only as a procurement tool but also as a means for development and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The association aims to promote best practices and foster the exchange of knowledge and experience among its members.

Meanwhile, Invest Cyprus serves as the National Investment Promotion Authority of Cyprus, tasked with attracting and facilitating foreign direct investment in the country. Its main objective is to position Cyprus as an ideal business and investment destination, emphasising its potential as a growing tech hub and a dynamic financial centre within the European Union, and highlighting the available investment opportunities in key sectors of the economy.

Invest Cyprus Chairperson, Evgenios Evgeniou, said that “we are thrilled that we have become a member of WAPPP. We understand the importance of collaborating with public and private stakeholders to achieve the common goal of advancing Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives”. “We are confident that through our membership, we will have access to invaluable resources, insights, and networking opportunities,” he added. Evgeniou also said that the agency is looking forward to working alongside other members to identify and develop innovative PPP projects. “We would like to thank WAPPP and especially its President Ziad Alexandre Hayek for the fruitful discussions and meetings over the last year that culminated in this agreement,” Marios Tannousis, acting CEO of Invest Cyprus said. “We are certain that it will definitely facilitate the structuring and formatting of investable projects with social impact that are aligned with the UN sustainable development goals and that contribute to job creation and economic development,” he added.

Finally, WAPPP President Ziad Alexandre Hayek said that the association is “delighted to welcome Invest Cyprus to WAPPP’s membership”. “We look forward to working with its leadership and its team to promote sustainable and successful PPP projects,” he concluded.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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