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Larnaca marina pier restoration nears completion

Kition Ocean Holdings, the consortium tasked with redeveloping the Larnaca port, marina and waterfront, on Friday announced that the historic Larnaca Marina Pier, the first major milestone in the project, is nearing completion.

“This announcement therefore marks the successful restoration, structural upgrade, and enhancement of the historic pier, set to be delivered within the agreed timeframe in April 2024,” the company said in the announcement. “Families and visitors will once again be able to access one of Larnaca’s most beloved landmarks,” it added. Kition Ocean Holdings was awarded the redevelopment and operation of the Larnaca Port and Marina area in 2020.

Larnaca Marina Pier

Since then, the company said,  it “embarked on an ambitious journey to expand and modernise this iconic location, of which the pier is one of the first steps”. The project is expected to take 15 years to conclude in its entirety. In addition, the project is designed to transform the area into a premium mixed-use waterfront development encompassing an expanded marina, residences, offices, hotels, retail and public areas. The company said that the restoration process for the pier “aligned meticulously with the specific terms outlined by the Town Planning and Housing Department to ensure the preservation of Larnaca’s cultural heritage”.

This, the announcement explained, involved the removal of all foreign objects as part of the cleaning process, restoration and reinforcement of the pier’s existing metal structural frame, as well as a restoration of the solid wood deck in line with Town Planning and Housing Department approvals.

Larnaca Marina Pier

What is more, it also involved the restoration and upgrades to the scouts’ building, a restoration of the existing railing, lamp posts and crane, as well as the upgrading of various safety features, such as fire hose reels, in compliance with the Fire Department’s requirements. “This project not only revitalises a crucial part of Larnaca’s infrastructure but also pays homage to the marina’s past dating back to its initial construction in 1878,” the company said. “The 1970s then marked another significant era with the expansion of the marina, reflecting Cyprus’ growing maritime identity,” it added.

Furthermore, the company stated that the “marina’s evolution under the Cyprus Tourism Organisation in 1977 further underscored its importance in the country’s tourism sector”. Kition Ocean Holdings also said that it “is committed to respecting and preserving the historical significance of Larnaca Port and Marina while ushering in a new era of development and prosperity for the region”. “The completion of this first milestone is a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence and sustainable development,” the announcement concluded.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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