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Legal500 GC Summit Cyprus 2024: Navigating the legal landscape of remote work

Elias Neocleous & Co LLC (ENC) displayed its expertise at the 2024 CG Summit Cyprus, a notable gathering hosted by the Legal500, which saw the participation of legal professionals, industry experts, and key decision-makers from across the country.

The firm’s expertly curated panel discussion not only addressed the complexities of the Remote Work revolution but also underscored the firm’s commitment to providing cutting-edge legal solutions.

In light of the new Remote Working Law of 2023, ENC played a key role in discussing the legal challenges organisations encounter with remote work adoption. The discussion was expertly led by Andrea Kallis Parparinou, Partner at ENC, who offered detailed insights into the Remote Working Law’s legal aspects, helping businesses adjust to the changing work environment.

The panel featured a luminary in the field of remote work—Tony Jamous, CEO of Oyster. “In this transformative era, remote work is not just a trend; it’s a global movement reshaping the way we work,” remarked Tony. His insights added a global perspective to the discussion, emphasizing the transformative impact of technological breakthroughs in reshaping the future of work but also his own experience of increased productivity and the culture needed to achieve this. 

Also on the panel was Aleksandra Mirgorodskaia, Senior Legal Counsel at Gaijin Entertainment, who brought her wealth of experience to the fore, analysing the complexities of data protection in the scope of remote work. “Balancing the need for employee monitoring with privacy considerations is crucial in this new era of remote work” explained Aleksandra.

Panelist Fabian Cabeza, Associate at ENC specializing in international tax and business structuring, addressed the critical tax considerations associated with remote working in Cyprus. “The tax landscape is evolving alongside the remote work revolution. Our discussion aimed to provide clarity on navigating tax matters for in-house counsel,” remarked Fabian.

The firm’s significant presence at the Legal500 GC Summit reaffirmed its standing as a legal powerhouse. Our commitment to legal excellence goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to providing innovative solutions. The summit was an opportunity to share our insights and contribute to shaping the future of legal practices in the remote work era. 

Moving forward, our firm continues to prioritise legal excellence, focusing on delivering strategic advice and innovative solutions. The Summit highlighted our commitment to a forward-thinking approach, helping our clients navigate the changing legal landscape, particularly in the context of remote work and staying abreast of new trends.

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