articles | 24 August 2022

A new hotel to be built in the Dromolaxia-Meneou area

The Environmental Authority gave the green light for the construction of a hotel unit in the coastal area of Meneou-Dromolaxia, in the location of Parayalia.

As described in the Information Report, the proposed tourist development consists of ground floor space, a mezzanine, three floors and a roof garden, has a capacity of 36 rooms/72 beds, and a total area of 3510 square metres.

On the ground floor, there will be a lobby/reception area, indoor and outdoor bar, indoor and outdoor restaurants, kitchens, offices, outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi area as well as other auxiliary areas which include storage areas per floor.

It will have 14 parking spaces, two of which will be for disabled people, while there will also be a drop-off/boarding area for residents of the hotel unit. Entry/exit is via a registered public asphalt road.

According to the design of the proposed development/hotel unit, appropriate landscaping will be done including the planting of trees in order to allow the building to be more harmonious with the environment in which it is surrounded.

The proposed construction of the hotel has a total area of 6,542 square metres and falls within a tourist zone T3b with a permitted number of floors not exceeding three. it is at an altitude of 1.5-2 metres above sea level and is characterized by gentle slopes of approximately 3% from the northwest side of the lots adjacent to the coastal road.

Source: Knews

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