articles | 16 September 2022

NIPD Genetics, a Medicover company announces the addition of six new NeoThetis liquid biopsy tests for therapy selection

NIPD Genetics announces the addition of six new NeoThetis liquid biopsy tests for therapy selection, which include Breast & Gynecological, Gastric, Melanoma, Pancreatic, Prostate and Pan-Cancer. With a simple blood draw, patients diagnosed with cancer can have fast, safe, and accurate results that can guide therapy selection for primary and metastatic disease, and treatment re-evaluation for therapy resistance.

Fostering over a decade of research excellence in the field of genetic testing and cell-free DNA, NeoThetis was specifically designed to deliver superior performance and clinically actionable results. NeoThetis liquid biopsy was first launched in 2021 with NeoThetis Colorectal and NeoThetis NSCLC. As a non-invasive test, NeoThetis can overcome some of the challenges concerning tumor inaccessibility and inability to assess metastatic lesions. Apart from testing for genetic alterations, all eight NeoThetis tests include testing of Microsatellite Instability, a predictive biomarker for immunotherapy treatment, with results reported within six to nine working days.

Prof. Philippos Patsalis, Founder and CEO of NIPD Genetics, stated that ''Our primary goal has always been to enhance the patient’s clinical management and care opportunities by delivering highly accurate genetic results. We believe that with the launch of the new NeoThetis tests, which are based on our proprietary and sophisticated technology platform, we respond to the patients’ and market needs, providing non-invasive alternative options for genetic testing.''.

NIPD Genetics, a Medicover company is recognized as an international beacon of excellence in the field of biotechnology and genetic testing. It offers a spectrum of oncology services which include hereditary cancer screening, tumor profiling of solid tumors and liquid biopsy for therapy selection and re-evaluation. Through the NeoThetis tests, NIPD Genetics highlights its dedication to helping numerous patients in their journey for cancer treatment and accurate prognosis, and in empowering healthcare providers take informed decisions which enhance clinical management and treatment of patients. 


NIPD Genetics is a leading innovative biotechnology company based in Cyprus, active in the field of designing, developing, producing and providing in vitro genetic testing solutions. NIPD Genetics’ proprietary technology platform and bioinformatics solutions cover all types of genetic conditions in any part of the human genome and apply to many applications from routine DNA analysis to complex, proprietary non-invasive testing solutions like NIPT and Liquid Biopsy. NIPD Genetics offers advanced genetic testing services in over 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. NIPD Genetics is part of Medicover, a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services company founded in 1995 and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (

Source: Knews


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