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PwC Cyprus presented the 'New World, New Skills' programme

PwC Cyprus presented the 'New World, New Skills' programme to media representatives, at an event held on Wednesday, 27 November, 2019.

The programme is part of the PwC international network’s commitment to deal with the growing mismatch between existing skills and those required in the digital world. On a local level, PwC Cyprus is committed to invest €2m over the next four years in actions and initiatives that aim to spread digital knowledge and strengthen the skills that are required in the digital era.

As PwC Cyprus CEO Mr Evgenios Evgeniou explained, the programme focuses on three main pillars: upgrading the skills of PwC’s people, supporting the organisation’s clients to deal with the challenges brought on by radical technological advancement and automation as well as the cooperation with various bodies to support multiple social groups so that they can improve their knowledge and skills in the digital era. Within this context, PwC Cyprus announced its cooperation with the Youth Board of Cyprus, focusing on the organisation and promotion of actions to educate youths on issues of digital education, training, employment, career management, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The above-mentioned actions by PwC are part of the global initiative “New World, New Skills” implemented by the organisation’s international network. Through this global initiative, PwC invests in enhancing the skills and capabilities of its more than 276,000 people around the world. Over the next four years, the global network of PwC will invest three billion dollars in training its people but also in the development of new technologies, with a view to provide better support to its clients and the communities in which it operates.

In statements, Mr Evgeniou said that technology will shape our future. Our ability to adapt alongside the transformational innovations of artificial intelligence, robots and digitisation will be fundamental to our social and economic well-being.  “The skills gap is a challenge that goes to the heart of our purpose, to build trust in society and solve important problems.  At PwC, we prioritise the upgrade of all our people’s skills and we cooperate with organisations and institutions in order to approach people, who under different conditions would not have had access to such opportunities”.

Mr Panayiotis Sentonas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Youth Board of Cyprus stated that “Technological revolution transforms the world of entrepreneurship and work. Our priority is to provide opportunities to young people to develop the skills needed in today’s modern and challenging world. For this reason we welcome the collaboration of the Youth Board of Cyprus with PwC. A collaboration that provides young people with new opportunities to broaden their knowledge and develop their skills in order to successfully travel their own path in the digital age”.

It is worth noting that during the presentation of the “New World, New Skills” programme to the local media, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy and participate in a live rehearsal of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, which PwC has been consistently supporting for the past four years with a view to develop and promote musical education in our country.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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