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PwC Cyprus presented the Organisation’s Sustainable Growth Review for 2019

PwC’s corporate responsibility programme focuses on promoting youth entrepreneurship, supporting vulnerable social groups, protecting the environment, promoting employee wellbeing and upskilling. The organisation’s activities, which are based on the values of giving back to society, volunteerism and civic participation are detailed in the organisation’s 2019 edition of “We participate & give back”.

Supporting society, education and culture

PwC and its people organise annual events such as the annual blood donation, the Movember initiative which aims to increase awareness about male cancer and the campaign to collect essential items in support of underserved families. It also supports many other charities such as the Radiomarathon, the Cyprus Cancer Association, the Alkionides foundation etc.

The organisation also promotes education by awarding prizes to top university students as well as cultural foundations, which through their activities support the Arts and Culture, such as the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra and the Pharos Arts Foundation.

Supporting entrepreneurship

PwC Cyprus supports the local society and promotes youth entrepreneurship and innovation by establishing strategic partnerships with educators and business stakeholders such as Junior Achievement Cyprus, Chrysalis LEAP, the University of Cyprus, the Research Centre on Interactive Media Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies (RISE), which aims to promote research and innovation.

Protecting the environment

Recognising its responsibility to protect the environment, PwC continuously enhances its business activities and improves the way its buildings are built, operated and managed, so as to minimise the organisation’s environmental impact.

Be Well. Work Well

PwC Cyprus has adopted the “Be Well, Work Well” programme, which is part of the organisation’s innovative global approach aimed at improving the wellbeing of its people. Through the programme, the organisation invests in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of its people, while also trying to improve their daily lives, both at the professional and personal level.

New World. New Skills

Last December, PwC presented the “New World, New Skills” programme, in the framework of PwC’s global initiative to tackle the growing mismatch between the skills people have and those needed for the digital world. At a local level, PwC aims to invest €2m over the next 4 years in actions and initiatives that aim to spread digital literacy.

Referring to the organisation’s social action, CEO Evgenios Evgeniou said: “Ours is an era of significant changes and developments for humanity. At the same time, it is an era full of challenges for all of us. At PwC we are operating with responsibility, transparency and consistency, giving back to society in any way we can, in order to leave our children a better world”.

You can see the full edition here.

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