articles | 04 August 2022

R&D government budget allocation per person in Cyprus below EU average

Cyprus allocated €103 per person to research and development in 2021, less than half the €244 averaged in the EU27, according to data on government budget allocations for R&D published by Eurostat.

This figure put Cyprus in 17th place among the 27 member states

In 2021, the total government budget allocations for R&D across the EU stood at €109,250 million, equivalent to 0.8% of GDP. This is a 6% increase compared with 2020 (€102,791 million) and a 35% increase compared with 2011 (€81,139 million).

According to this data, government budget allocations for R&D at an EU level stood at €244 per person, a 33% increase compared with 2011 (€184 per person). The highest allocations were recorded in Luxembourg (€689 per person), followed at a distance by Denmark (€530) and Germany (€471).

On the other hand, EU countries with the lowest R&D budget allocations per person were Romania (€19 per person), Bulgaria (€24), Latvia (€45) and Hungary (€60).

Over the last decade, the largest percentage increases in government budget allocations for R&D at euro per person were recorded in Latvia (from €14 in 2011 to €45 in 2021), Greece (from €58 to €152) and Hungary (from €30 to €60). In contrast, these allocations decreased in Spain (from €155 in 2011 to €152 in 2021).

In Cyprus, there was a small increase compared to 2011 (from €96 to €103), but a decrease compared to 2020 (from €132).

Per person allocation had decreased significantly in 2012 and 2013 (to €81 and €67 respectively) and stayed around €70 between 2014 and 2018.

The number increased once more in 2019 (to €92) and in 2020 (to €132).

Source: Cyprus Mail

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