articles | 22 August 2022

As rents rise, Tepak seeks to house students with families

Limassol families have been called on to host students amid a housing crisis in the district.

Cyprus University of Technology (Tepak) on Saturday announced its new programme where students will have the option to be hosted by local families, saying there is not enough available housing.

Despite accommodation offered by the university and an additional 290 student rooms built by the archbishopric near the Tsirio stadium two years ago, securing accommodation remains the “biggest challenge” faced by students who are from outside the district, Tepak said.

It added that the demand for private apartments “far exceeds” the supply, while rents are “outrageously high”.

Many students cannot study under these conditions, the university said, explaining its decision to adopt the international practice.

The scheme will give students the opportunity to stay in a safe and welcoming family home for a period that can last from a few months up to the entire duration of studies.

Students will pay a symbolic monthly accommodation fee of €200 so that the host family can cover the basic additional expenses, excluding meals.

The housing office of the university’s office of studies and student welfare has designed, coordinates and supports, without any charge, this programme.

For more information visit Tepak’s website at, or send requests via e-mail to or call on 25 002526.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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