articles | 25 November 2021 | RSM Cyprus

RSM Cyprus supports the international social awareness campaign, Movember.

RSM Cyprus supports the international social awareness campaign "Changing the face of men's health" by purchasing Movember products.

All of us have the right to health and access to the best treatment.

Health is the most valuable asset for human beings; that is why initiatives like Movember are so important.

Initiatives that aim to promote the importance of prevention practises, and at the same time wish to optimize the quality of life of patients and their families by helping them retain their quality of life and mental health need to be embraced and supported by all of us.

In a relevant statement, the Minister of Health stated that recent studies in Cyprus have indicated that prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men's adulthood. In Cyprus, it is estimated that there are approximately 400 new cases per year. Prevention and early diagnosis are vital as this form of cancer is amongst the curable forms of cancer when detected in its early stages.

The Movember social awareness campaign has so far funded more than 1,250 health programs worldwide. Until 2030, the Movember movement goal is to help reduce premature deaths by 25% via the international social awareness campaign.

In the context of its social responsibility, RSM Cyprus will continue to participate and support actions that promote health and prevention

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