events | 28 June 2018

Draft Seminar: Customer Experience as a Critical Success Factor for Profitability

In today’s business world, the concept of “Customer Service” is no longer sufficient for increased sales profits, thus, it has been replaced by “Customer Experience”. The “Customer Experience” is a new concept which perceives the purchase of goods or services as a “Customer Journey” and more specifically, as a series of “Touchpoints” during which different organisations interact with their customers.

Organisations must be able to effectively identify, map and evaluate all “Touchpoints” (“Customer Journey Identification, Mapping & Evaluation”) in order to achieve the optimum “Customer Experience”. Through this process, organisations will be able to identify all potential focus areas for the improvement and overall transformation of the “Customer Experience” (“Customer Journey Transformation”). The “Customer Experience” should be a top strategic priority for all businesses wishing to understand and meet their customers’ needs, since by doing so, they may also increase growth and deliver improved financial returns.

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