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The significance of keeping accurate financial records

All businesses, but especially those that are just getting started, need to keep accurate financial records. 

For many businesses, failing to maintain track of financial records can quickly lead to many adverse effects.

Whether it is tax audits, client loss, fraud, or the inability to obtain new services or price products accurately, the result is similarly unfavourable for all businesses.

In fact, the value of accounting financial records cannot be overstated.

These figures tell the tale of your company's success as well as its flaws.

Having the correct financial data on hand can help you implement crucial corporate initiatives as well as future strategic decisions.

So, let us see in detail some examples of how accurate financial records can help your business to thrive:

  • Preparation of financial statements: 

When it comes to accounting, having precise and well-organized records will save you a lot of time. It is considerably easier to prepare income and balance sheet statements if you keep track of your income and expenses together with your accounts receivable and payable.

  • Control of cash in business:

When you are a business owner, you have a lot on your plate: employees and creditors to pay, outstanding client payments to chase down, and shareholders or partners who want a share of your profits. Keeping track of all the above is almost impossible to happen unless accurate financial records are always maintained.

  • Business growth and strategic decisions:

Examining your records and generating reports, figures, and statistics can assist you in determining how well your business is progressing. It means you will be able to identify areas where you need to improve as well as areas where things are going well. And this will eventually provide you with the information you require to help your business grow.

Finally, every business decision you make should be as well-informed as possible. Financial considerations influence most major business decisions. When your records are accurate, it will be easier to decide. Imprecisions in your financial data, on the other hand, can have a negative impact on your company.

  • Tax law obligations:

According to tax law, anyone carrying on a business must keep complete records to explain all transactions. These records must be sufficient to enable the Tax Office to ascertain the correct taxable income of that person or company. These records must be maintained for at least seven years from the date of lodgement and must be kept where, if necessary, they can be referred to.

In conclusion, by keeping accurate records, you are both complying with the law and gaining a better understanding of your company's financial health. Legal ramifications are clearly possible if accurate records are not kept.

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date, and well-organized records does not have to be a difficult procedure. 

Our professional team of accountants, auditors, and tax advisors with many years of experience here at RSM Cyprus can assist and fully support your business in keeping accurate accounting records.

Our aim is to truly understand you, your business, and your strategies, as well as your aspirations and industry, and provide tailor-made solutions that fully comply with the current business requirements of the local and international market.

By sharing the ideas and insights of our professional experts, we bring our local and global knowledge and resources to your business environment so you feel understood and empowered to move forwards with confidence.

Author: Melina Menelaou, RSM Cyprus

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