articles | 16 August 2022

Telecommunications company invests in sustainable development

Telecommunication provider Epic this week announced that it is investing in green and sustainable development, with the ultimate aim being the reduction of the company’s ecological footprint and contributing to the fight against climate change.

“Envisioning a greener future with greater respect for the planet, Epic has incorporated environmental sensitivity into its strategy through practices aimed at the gradual reduction of pollutants,” the company said.

Within this framework, the company has proceeded with the adoption of hybrid systems for the power supply of its Mobile Telephony Base Stations, with the aim of reducing fuel and promoting renewable energy sources.

The hybrid system used by Epic combines the technology of using renewable energy sources, through the utilisation of photovoltaic systems, with energy storage technology, through the use of a state-of-the-art battery system.

These hybrid systems are able to intelligently manage the power flow in the system in order to maximise the share of green energy consumed by the company’s Mobile Telephony Base Stations.

Today, by already using ten hybrid systems to power its Mobile Telephony Base Stations, the company’s reduction in fossil fuel usage has accelerated by 70 per cent.

With the long-term goal of weaning itself from all oil usage and replacing it with green energy, Epic said that it aims to invest in the adoption and use of another 30 hybrid systems within the next 6 months.

Epic CEO Thanos Chronopoulos stressed that green energy and sustainable practices are a pillar of growth for every modern and competitive company.

“Climate change is a global environmental problem that causes extreme weather phenomena and puts our health and our social and economic development at risk every day. We must all together step up our efforts to face this challenge and achieve a better and sustainable future,” Chronopoulos said.

“The implementation of hybrid systems for the power supply of Mobile Telephony Base Stations is part of our business strategy for the adoption of ESG criteria in our activities, our internal processes, but also in the services we offer,” he added.

Chronopoulos concluded by saying that “participating in efforts for a more sustainable future by integrating renewable energy sources into our lives, is among Epic’s top priorities." 

Source: Cyprus Mail

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