articles | 28 February 2023 | Cybarco Development Ltd

Watch our podcast EP. 3

The juxtaposition is fitting, of course. A diplomat and a chicken delving into the magic that is: the Limassol Carnival. Today’s guest has put his passion where his pen is and written an absolutely fascinating, and historically invaluable, book about this annual ritual in Cyprus. Over 14 years and 160 interviews later, he has given us a compilation of stories and photographs that will make you ache with nostalgia and launch you into a state of colour, laughter, dance, and celebration. Stelios Georgiades loves life; his quest to understand the essence of differing cultures, to bridge the gaps between us, has led to an intriguing parallel with the thing he loves most. Join us on the first day of the extravaganza for a journey through his life and our carnival.

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