articles | 14 February 2024

Yachting sector poised for growth

The yachting sector is poised to experience further growth both in Cyprus and on an international scale during 2024, according to Nikiforos Pampakas, the general manager of Limassol Marina.

In an interview with InBusinessNews, Pampakas highlighted Cyprus’ growing appeal as a destination for yachts and other boats used for recreational activities, indicating that the island has established itself as an attractive destination in the Eastern Mediterranean region for short-term or long-term boat visits and recreation.  What is more, Pampakas provided details on the factors contributing to this positive path. He emphasised the expansion of berth capacity, which is set to accommodate a greater number of vessels, thereby strengthening the sector, and improving its impact on the economy. 

“So far, we are quite optimistic, on the one hand, due to the volume of activity we have already observed, as I have mentioned, and on the other hand, from the encouraging messages we receive from other tourism sectors such as airports, hotels, and travel agencies,” Pampakas said in response to a question about the marina. “The Limassol Marina is undoubtedly a magnet for the island’s tourism,” he added.

Moreover, he explained that “the yachting sector also seems to continue its positive growth in 2024, both in Cyprus and internationally”. “With the increase in the capacity of berths and consequently the number of boats hosted in Cyprus, the sector will continue to strengthen, and its importance to the economy will continue to grow,” he noted.

As the Limassol marina prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary next June, Pambakas underlined its commitment to maintaining its reputation as a premier destination in the Eastern Mediterranean, stressing that its focus is on delivering exceptional services, in order to uphold its high-quality services.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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