Cosmopolis Language Centre

Cosmopolis Language Centre

Cosmopolis is a language centre specialising in tailor-made courses in both Greek and English at all levels.

Whether you need to sharpen your business communication and language skills, presentation skills, written correspondence, or simply improve your overall grasp of the language, we can create the perfect course to meet your requirements and enable you to achieve your goals.

We offer flexible hours either at our premises or your home / office.



Articles | 08 August 2018

Practising Your Language Skills Over Summer

Marios Vasiliou

Marios Vasiliou


Marios Vasiliou is the director of studies of the school and also teaches Greek Language Courses and Business English Workshops.  He has a PhD in English Literature and Comparative Cultural Studies (with a thesis on Cypriot Anglophone Literature), an MA in Comparative Literature (Greek, English, and French being the active languages in his studies), and a BA in Comparative Literature with an emphasis on Greek Studies.  He has been teaching Greek as a Second Language at various places including Cosmopolis Language Centre for 10 years, and had also taught Greek for Medical Students at the University of Nicosia Medical School, and English at the University of Cyprus.

Evi Gkeka ​​

Evi Gkeka ​​

Greek Teacher

Evi Gkeka is a Certified Teacher of Greek as a Foreign Language (Programme “Routes in Teaching Modern Greek as a Second / Foreign Language” for teachers in Greece and abroad, provided by the Center for the Greek Language – Κ.Ε.Γ.) and Certified Trainer of Vocational Training  (Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus - HRDA).  She has been teaching Greek as a Second Language at various places including Cosmopolis Language Centre, for 5 years.   Apart from her position as an instructor of Greek, Evi Gkeka is also an adviser for curriculum development at Cosmopolis Language Centre, and has a particular interest in the role of games in language teaching.

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