Press and Information Office (PIO)

Press and Information Office (PIO)

The PIO is committed in delivering informed, media-savvy communication services to the Government, and information services to the public. We indorse the Government’s communication strategy and manage the perception relations between the public and the authorities through our relations with journalists and on-line communities and by creating synergies between the public and private sectors.

Our team is strategizing, coordinating and implementing innovative communication strategies with/via/through large-scale behaviour change campaigns. We promote the government’s messages with multi-lateral communication campaigns via multi-platform paths using Press and media, Digital and Social media, International Media and networks, stakeholder and organizational relations, events, publications, European and international relations.

We promote Freedom of Information dissemination, ensure the flow of present and past knowledge and documentation, history and civilization through free access of digitized information, printed press, photographs and other visual communication content. We at the PIO encourage, reward and depend on the creativity, insight, continuous learning, teamwork, and enthusiasm of our team, in order to act as a trusted partner of both the society and the Government, producing results that directly and positively impact both.

The PIO's vision is to

  • Create the “Brand Cyprus” for the present and next generation,
  • Ensure a resilient reputation for the country by communicating our credibility, consistency and accountability,
  • Design and execute the communication strategy which will prove nationally and internationally that Cyprus is fit for the future with a strong economy and a fair society,
  • Embed in the hearts, minds and souls of native and foreign citizens, media and institutions the value of Cyprus’ people, history, civilization and infrastructure,
  • Provide citizens with relevant information they need by accelerating the news cycle challenge with the shift from text-based to visual communication content.


  • PIO Factsheet December 2018

    PIO Factsheet December 2018

  • PIO Factsheet September 2018

    PIO Factsheet September 2018

Contact Information

Nicosia (head office)

5-7 Apellis St. 1080 Lefkosia (Nicosia), Cyprus

Tel: (+357) 22 801 180
Website: Visit website

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