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Maritime & Shipping

The Cyprus shipping sector is propelling towards a strong future thanks to the industry’s strategic focus on steering the key economic sector towards new levels of growth.

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Angelos Gregoriades

Angelos Gregoriades

President, Cyprus Investment Funds Association (CIFA)

Cyprus is poised to win some share of the offshore business moving into regulated onshore jurisdictions. 

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Cyprus Anti-Money Laundering Measures

Cyprus Anti-Money Laundering Measures

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  • Technology has raised the bar for client expectations and is creating strong demand for the best, most accurate and fastest services at a lower cost. The challenge is to see how law firms can utilise technology tools to deliver for clients. Innovative firms that embrace this digital change will do well and thrive.

  • Cyprus is poised to win some share of the offshore business moving into regulated onshore jurisdictions. 

  • The benefits from the consequent recovery of property prices has started to trickle into the local banking sector. The challenge is to structure and promote products that complement traditional deposits, while being able to offer solutions to the corporate sector and individuals alike in a form that avoids repetition of past mistakes.

  • Cyprus has achieved another year of remarkably strong growth in 2018. We expect that this positive development will continue in 2019 driven by strong growth of domestic demand and exports of services, as well as continuous flow of new investments into hotels, commercial and residential real estate and energy projects.

Country Overview

An Island Transformed

Cyprus is going through exciting times of growth and development thanks to a renewed boost in confidence with foreign investors flocking back to its shores, attracted by the improved economic climate, large-scale projects and bourgeoning prospects in the real estate, investment fund and energy sectors.

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  • Cyprus at a Glance

    Key facts and figures about the country, geography, people, government and economy plus 2018 public holidays.

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  • Country & People

    Vibrant business centres and tranquil villages; traditional values and cosmopolitan lifestyle; sun-kissed beaches, fertile valleys and snowy mountains: Cyprus is a land of contrasts with many faces.

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  • Economy Overview

    Overcoming the challenges of recent years, Cyprus has continued on a solid growth path and maintained its status as one of the fastest growing eurozone economies.

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  • Foreign Direct Investment

    Cyprus has regained its status as a serious contender amongst European FDI destinations thanks to its rapid economic turn- around and advantageous business operating environment.

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