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Research & Development

With unprecedented levels of EU funding, Cyprus is on track to develop three new centres of scientific excellence, drawing on a pool of world-class talent.

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Michalis P. Michael

Michalis P. Michael

Chairman, Invest Cyprus

For the last decade, the Cyprus investment promotion agency Invest Cyprus has forged ahead with its mission to promote Cyprus as an investment destination with the country attracting billions in fresh FDI in the last five years.

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Cyprus Anti-Money Laundering Measures

Cyprus Anti-Money Laundering Measures

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  • Cyprus is an excellent investment destination and a highly competitive international business centre, whose many comparative advantages set it apart from most jurisdictions

  • Cyprus has continued to attract companies in the fintech, investment, forex and IT sectors, which is creating enormous career opportunities for both local and international candidates. In addition to its advantageous tax regime and business friendly approach, Cyprus is a very attractive and safe place to live and work, says co-founder of GRS Steve Slocombe.

  • Living proof of how lucrative the fund industry can be and the dynamic it brings, is that at the end of 2018, the Cyprus funds industry boasted a total of approximately €6.3 billion assets under management, displaying significant growth over the past few years, says One Plus Capital Director, Pavlos Philippides.

  • For Cyprus to enhance its competitiveness and produce growth, it is vital to develop digital policies that will be conducive to investment plans and greater innovation. To maintain its longstanding edge over competition, also Cyta is re-inventing its commercial strategy and investing in large infrastructure projects, says new Cyta CEO Andreas Neocleous.

Country Overview

An Island Transformed

Cyprus is going through exciting times of growth and development thanks to a renewed boost in confidence with foreign investors flocking back to its shores, attracted by the improved economic climate, large-scale projects and bourgeoning prospects in the real estate, investment fund and energy sectors.

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  • Cyprus at a Glance

    Key facts and figures about the country, geography, people, government and economy plus 2018 public holidays.

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  • Country & People

    Vibrant business centres and tranquil villages; traditional values and cosmopolitan lifestyle; sun-kissed beaches, fertile valleys and snowy mountains: Cyprus is a land of contrasts with many faces.

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  • Economy Overview

    Overcoming the challenges of recent years, Cyprus has continued on a solid growth path and maintained its status as one of the fastest growing eurozone economies.

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  • Foreign Direct Investment

    Cyprus has regained its status as a serious contender amongst European FDI destinations thanks to its rapid economic turn- around and advantageous business operating environment.

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