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Established in 2007, AstroBank (former Piraeus Bank Cyprus) is a Cyprus registered Bank regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus and comprised by a group of high-profile international shareholders. Being one of the best capitalized banks in Cyprus and one of the safest and most reliable options for customers and investors, AstroBank claims a prominent position in the Cypriot market. 

Through a network of more than 20 branches and business units all over Cyprus, AstroBank is well established in the local market offering a comprehensive package of fast, innovative and technologically advanced products & services, tailored to the needs of local and international clientele.

AstroBank is a modern and flexible institution, offering high quality comprehensive financial solutions. The Bank’s operations are based on a four pillar-direction: International Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, and Private Banking.  AstroBank invests in the technology and innovation sectors, as a means to strengthen its competitiveness and contributes in improving the country’s business environment. The Bank, constantly aims at improving the efficiency of the services provided, enhancing innovation by creating new products and services; and exploring new business routes, whilst cultivating a culture of cooperation and mutual respect with its customers.

The Bank has a premium position in the Cypriot market because of the high quality services but also for its dynamic social presence.  As an active corporate organization, AstroBank fulfils its social responsibilities through its various Corporate Social Responsibility activities, projects, and programs, catering to the needs of society and stakeholders.

Articles | 02 March 2018

Insight: AstroBank on key areas of opportunity or growth, and expectations for Cyprus in 2018

Insight: AstroBank on key areas of opportunity or growth, and expectations for Cyprus in 2018
George Appios

George Appios

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

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