Roundtable: Vistra 2020 - Cyprus Profile


Roundtable: Vistra 2020

04 April 2019 - 04 April 2019

St Raphael Resort, Limassol

A roundtable of leading industry figures will be invited to discuss the topics of the Vistra 2020 findings which will affect the corporate services business in Cyprus including:

  • BVI substance laws
  • The future of offshore IFCs (regulation, BO registers)
  • Key constraints on the industry (how that effects mid-shores like Cyprus).
  • Key growth drivers (asset protection, wealth planning etc.) Will IFCs like BVI still thrive?
  • How other mid-shores are reacting to greater politicized regulation and transparency
  • How mid-shores are adapting by becoming ‘regional hubs’ or more sector-focused
  • Other key trends which will affect Cyprus business – i.e. banking/ disruptors

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