news | 02 November 2016 | EY Cyprus

Exploring supply chains as a driving force for growth at the 10th Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Exhibition

Organizations need to spend more time monitoring and controlling their supply chain and operations while utilizing new technology and data The 10th anniversary of the conference organized by EY and IMH was celebrated with over 300 professionals from leading organizations

EY, a leading expert in Supply Chain and Operations advisory services, co-organized with IMH for the 10th consecutive time, the Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Exhibition, on Tuesday, October 25th, at Hilton Park Cyprus. During the conference, entitled "Supply Chain and Logistics as a driving force for growth”, speakers and panelist drilled into topics such as, strategic business operations, digital operations, competiveness and profitability through successful synergies, in an attempt to analyze the importance of improving supply chains for enhancing growth.

George Loizides, EY Cyprus Supply Chain and Operations Manager, also shared insights and findings on a survey executed by EY Cyprus last month on the topic “Exploring the risks in the supply chain and Logistics in Cyprus.”

The conference highlighted how each organization, regardless of size, could – and should – adjust their supply chain using new technology, available data and management processes to support development and increase profits.

According to Thanos Mavros, EY Greece Partner - Advisory Services and Central Southeast Europe Supply Chain and Operations Head:

“Supply chains touch nearly every piece of operations within an organization. This presents several challenges due to their inherent complexity, however, in this rapidly changing environment, supply chains must be on every company’s radar screen from a cost perspective.”

EY has one of the most extensive networks with 231,000 people globally in more than 150 countries, with a consulting network of over 35,000 professionals worldwide, of which 2,500 are specialized in supply chain services and operations. According to an IDC survey conducted in 2014, EY is a world leader in supply chain services and operations and is among the most capable of all organizations at delivering value-creating innovation in supply chain management consulting. Our EY Cyprus supply chain team has more than 15 years of experience providing solutions to organization’s supply chains.

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