news | 08 March 2018 | EY Cyprus

EY announces offering to automate cyberattack response workflow

EY announces that the EY Incident Response Integration Service is using IBM Security technology to help organizations improve the tracking of and response to cyberattacks.

Powered by the IBM Resilient® Incident Response Platform, the EY Incident Response Process Integration Service includes customizable solutions that simplify and automate organizations’ response workflows. The service leverages EY understanding of helping to provide quality incident response services, including incident response plan development, cyber compromise diagnostics and program assessments.

The EY Incident Response Process Integration Service helps clients to automate their incident response and to track incident response processes and workflows. As part of the Incident Response Integration Service, EY also conducts simulations to test the incident response implementation and identify areas for improvement.

The EY Incident Response Integration Service incorporates several EY cybersecurity capabilities that help organizations to more effectively manage their approach to cyberattacks. These include:   

  • Collaborate, coordinate and automate complex tasks across multiple teams (such as networking, legal, human resources, executives) so that business units understand their role and responsibility in relation to incident response processes.
  • Utilize customized and integrated incident response tools.
  • Automate processes that create actionable metric reports that bring the right information to analysts and leadership attention as quickly as possible.
  • Incorporate threat intelligence feeds and correlate historical data, so companies can quickly identify broader campaigns and trends, leverage incident simulation exercises to test response processes, identify gaps and provide recommendations for improvement.

Spyros Loizou, Head of IT Advisory and Cyber Security Services at EY Cyprus, said:

“This year we have seen a sharp increase in cyberattacks globally but most importantly in Cyprus as well. This is not by surprise as technology adoption is at an all-time high, and businesses across all industries are going digital and moving away from traditional ways of doing business. Technology adoption done right, should not scare anyone. Done wrong however exposes businesses to new risks and increased possibilities of threat and intrusion. Cyber threats are becoming a top priority on the CTO’s agenda as governments are swiftly adopting policies that demand greater levels of cyber security and data protection. EY and IBM stand ready to support organizations globally to ensure we live in a word free from cyber threats.”

For more information on the EY Incident Response Process Integration Service, powered by IBM Resilient, visit: EY and IBM alliance. 

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