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Iris partners with Eurovision Media Services to extend coverage to Makarios Teleport in Cyprus

Iris is pleased to announce an agreement with Eurovision Media Services (EMS) to help extend coverage to the Makarios Teleport in Cyprus over the Eurovision FiNE Network. This opens new opportunities for the distribution of TV services in the region. By cooperating with EMS, Iris will be able to accept and receive content from all of the nodes in the Eurovision FiNE Network allowing delivery through fibre to Makarios Teleport and uplink to the Eurovision Global Network and other popular satellites visible from Cyprus.

Makarios Teleport is a well-developed facility with TIER3 certification from the World Teleport Association. The site has been offering reliable solutions for satellite services for more than 30 years. It already offers a wide range of satellite services ranging from satellite control to broadband gateway services, VSAT links, and satellite television/internet connectivity. The new agreement with Eurovision Media Services is a major step for Iris in its efforts to expand its international presence in important locations in Europe.

Iris attracts premium providers of European TV content to Cyprus and enhances its capabilities for the distribution of TV content in the international satellite television market. The agreement with Eurovision Media Services combines extensive teleport resources with fibre links to offer integrated solutions to our partners. By adding Makarios Teleport to the Eurovision FiNE Network, Eurovision Media Services will continue to offer reliable services to its broadcasting customers with enhanced capabilities from an optimal location offering access to more communications satellites in the vicinity of 35W to 105E.

Iris’ Managing Director Costas Psillides commented: “We are pleased with the agreement with Eurovision Media Services that will enable Iris to expand its international presence and enhance its market position.  Iris constantly develops its network capabilities to extend its nodes for interconnection and offer quality of service to its customers. The extension of the Eurovision FiNE Network to Makarios Teleport in Cyprus is a significant development for Iris and opens new opportunities for the distribution of TV services. Iris aims to enhance its long term partnership with Eurovision Media Services, by exploring synergies and expanding its capabilities to serve customers in the region”.

"Eurovision Media Services is pleased to partner with Iris to extend the coverage of the Eurovision FiNE Network over Cyprus. In doing so, we hope to expand our services and offer more integrated solutions to clients," said Graham Warren, Chief Operating Officer of Eurovision Media Services.

About Iris Gateway Satellite Services Ltd (Iris)

Iris is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cyta, the main provider of telecommunications services in Cyprus, a European Union member state offering political stability and neutrality at a strategic geographical location at the cross roads of three continents. Iris provides dedicated satellite links for broadcasting and distribution to the international market and hybrid solutions with a combination of fiber and satellite means. Its main services include satellite broadcasting and content delivery on a permanent and occasional basis.

Iris has attracted major international broadcasters and has established facilities for key service providers to receive content via satellite and fiber and uplink hundreds of TV channels to various satellites. Iris offers satellite reception services and content aggregation on a large scale. Its customers are offered access to almost 100 Rx antennas connected to popular satellites offering TV services. The customers can collect the content of interest and have it directed to the final destination to serve over-the-top and other applications.

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About Eurovision Media Services

Eurovision Media Services – the business arm of the European Broadcasting Union – has a global reputation and is the first choice media services provider for many media organizations and sports federations around the world.

We provide innovative services across the value chain from content production and broadcast services to content distribution and permanent circuits.

We produce and deliver premium live sports, news and entertainment events around the world on all platforms (TV, radio and online).

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