news | 19 October 2018 | ServPRO Accountants & Consultants

The world’s most powerful passports

Some passports give their holders more freedom than others and this week Japan was named the country with the most powerful passport in the world by Henley Passport.

Earlier this month, Myanmar granted Japanese citizens access without an entry visa, meaning that passport holders feel that passport holders have visa-free access or access to entry permits in 190 countries.

Another island in Asia, Singapore, is in second place with 189 destinations. France, Germany and South Korea follow all visa-free travel in 188 jurisdictions.

Although the United States is below the rankings, the American passport still yields significant strength. UK passport holders can travel to 186 countries without significant restrictions. This is a level of freedom also enjoyed by citizens in Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The Cypriot passport is in 15th place, giving access to 173 countries. Cyprus passport holders have the right to visit 173 European countries without visa documents and also study, work and live anywhere in the European Union. For the criteria of obtaining a Cypriot passport by investment you may visit our website at:

Consequently, European citizens enjoy rights in countries members of the European Economic Area and can establish their business having free movement of goods and services.

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