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The right fit | What to look for in your new employer

Employers conduct several rounds of interviews and assessments to ensure they are hiring the best candidate for the job, but as a candidate you should also be doing your own research and assessment. Often candidates accept a position without putting too much thought into the culture, people, and progression in the opportunity. Focusing solely on the role and the renumeration can have its repercussions.

A good way to keep yourself from making a misstep is to check for your compatibility with your potential employer. It’s important that you understand that the company’s culture, values, vision, products, and services align with your own career goals and beliefs.

What Matters to You?

It’s vital that when you set out on your job search that you evaluate what’s important to you. Are you looking for a job that offers you the opportunity to train and develop your skills, a job that offers great work-life balance, or a job with a great team environment? You should make a list of the essentials, things that are nice to have, and things that really don’t make a difference. You need to be honest with yourself why you are looking for a new opportunity and share this information with your GRS Consultant.  By helping us to understand your checklist we can best align you with prospective employers.

Culture Fit

Many companies list cultural fit as one of the more important things they look for when interviewing candidates, and you should put this towards the top of your list too. If you’re more comfortable in a relaxed environment than a conservative one, then a company with a corporate culture might not be a great fit for you. Take the time to assess how you’d fit in at the company and how the company culture would fit you.

My Kind of People

It’s fair to say you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your new colleagues so it’s important to make sure that they’re people you’d like to work with. This goes together with cultural fit and it’s something you should be aware of when considering a new opportunity. You should always be asked as the end of an interview if you have any questions, take this opportunity to find out more about the company culture and your future colleagues. We spend on average one third of our day in work, so having colleagues you get along with is a key part of being happy at your job.

Secure and Stable

Do your research on the company’s performance. There’s nothing worse than landing your dream job only to find the company’s financial performance is in decline. Is the company profitable, when was it established and is it a market leader or a pretender? Of course, there can always be risk and reward in joining a new venture but in doing so you must evaluate the risk. Will the company have the growth and profitability to offer you an interesting long-term opportunity.

Room for Growth

A great potential employer should also offer opportunities for learning and advancement within the company. This is even more important in the case of entry-level jobs because the opportunity for a promotion is a great incentive to learn as much as possible and prove your commitment to the team. Does the company offer learning and development and career growth opportunities? Don’t be afraid to ask what kind of career path can be expected.

Appreciation Matters

Feeling appreciated is an important part of any life experience, but it’s especially important in your working life. Your future employer should make you feel valued by offering positive feedback and supporting your efforts to learn and improve. Does your future employer have a robust employee wellbeing programme that has been integrated and adopted by the team? Does the company lead with a people first cultural evolution in their HR practises?

Work Life Balance

Does your future employer offer flexibility? Some jobs still require you to be at your desk during office hours but there are a growing number of opportunities to work in different ways, such as flexible working hours, hybrid or remote working. Ensure that you do your research in the interview process to evaluate whether your optimal way of working aligns with the companies’ working practises.

Challenging Times

Being challenged to learn and to grow is one of the key indicators of a great future employer. In fact, getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to learn new skills and to find out who you are as a professional. It’s easy to become bored in a role which offers no challenge or room for development. Look for companies that make you feel enthusiastic about taking on new challenges and offer the support you need to turn those challenges into wins.

Whether you’re reading this article after embarking on your first job search or are looking for the next move in building your career, finding a company that will provide you with great opportunities requires some research. By following these hints and tips, you’ll be sure to find the right fit and to give yourself the best chance of success.

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