news | 04 July 2016 | Stelios Americanos & Co LLC

Stelios Americanos & Co participated in the China Offshore Summit in Shenzhen, China in May.

The firm was represented by Len Judes who spoke about and presented the Cyprus Citizenship and Permanent Residency by investment programs. Len was also interviewed by the Media with respect to the advantages of Cyprus as an international business Hub and also specifically with regards to Cypriot Citizenship and Permeant Residency.

Len was joined by Gregory Torok, a fluent Chinese speaker, who grew up in China and who has a full understanding and experience of Chinese culture and business acumen and practices. Greg is the Firm’s new "Consultant for China” and will continue servicing the Firm in its future activities in China.

The issue of Cypriot Citizenship and Permeant Residency by investment, albeit known in general terms to many of the participants in the Conference, was not experienced by the local professional with whom we met. We were able to explain the principles of the programs, the conditions for granting same etc in fluent Chinese, a fact which assisted in establishing a good rapport and base for future cooperation. Further reassurance of our professional service was gained by feedback from our Chinese counterparts, expressing satisfaction from the fact that we were representing a professional service, rather than promoting a specific real estate development in Cyprus, looking for investment which would then enable possible obtaining or Cypriot Residency or Citizenship. The business or economic neutrality, while providing a "one stop shop" to clients (assigning them in finding the suitable investment for their requirements), was highly appreciated!    

The Conference was attended by over 400 local professionals, lawyers, accountants, family office managers, financial consultants etc, principally from Shenzhen and Guangdong Province, and also from Honk Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and beyond. Matters which were discussed at the Conference were all related to the future of the preservation of local wealth and estates and how best to protect it and keep it safe, in the ever changing global and local Chinese regulatory and financial reality.

Many private meetings were held by the Firm representatives during the Conference and the following day with Chinese professionals as to possible future professional cooperation and follow up correspondence is under hand at present. The Firm considers the Chinese and Asian markets to be of significant potential and will continue pursuing them, as evidence of the commitment to the new partners and clients, as well as to further grow the client base.  

Please contact Len Judes,  for further information and/or clarifications.

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